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Our new website was updated and relaunched November 2013.  Keep a regular eye on the site as we update our information and post details of upcoming activities and events.

Follow our Community / Bulletin Board, where members post ongoing information and items of interest.  If you have something to say and would like to join the conversation, feel free to register.

Go to the About Us page for more information and contact details.  Follow the tabs down the right hand side of the page for Recent News and New Categories,  which will be updated with relevant material.

If you are new to kayaking and would like to join our meets or to make contact with paddlers in your area, we have member reps in different locations around the country.  They are there to help and to point you in the right direction.

If you are traveling from abroad and looking to meet others paddlers in different locations or perhaps looking for some local knowledge on where to go or what to look out for?  Again send us an email.  We would be delighted to hear from you.